ČSAD SVT Praha - Today

We develop and participate on the development and operation of specialized complex information systems for the public mass transport.

In the present our products are:

  • Booking, sale and dispatching system AMSBus with its own e-shop for coach transport, used by approximately 250 partner retailers and by all major carriers in Czech Republic and in other foreign countries (mainly Slovak Republic)
  • Customer support and service for the E-shop IDOS.cz including its native applications
  • Clearing system CARDS EXCHANGE used by partner regions of Czech Republic, integrated transport systems, transport organizers and transport alliances
  • BUSportál – a coach transport e-magazine
  • Information and sale kiosks – supporting their operation, service and maintenance
  • We participate on the develop of integrated transport systems

We are represented in transport professional organizations.

Since year 2005 we are ISO certificated, last recertification is ISO 9001:2015 from year 2018.

Memories of the past

Origin of the company is hidden in company Závod výpočetní techniky ČSAD KNV Praha, established in the year 1978 as a part of ČSAD KNV Praha n.p.

From the early beginning of its existence the company was focused on creating and operating of automated systems for traffic management. Main 2 projects (revolutionary at the time) were:

  • Company management of ČSAD KNV Praha based on analytic records of the vehicle´s operations, which was served by county network of SPU 800 microcomputers, interconnected commutated lines, with coordinating main computer for the file transfers
  • AMS – national automated booking system for the regular coach transport, which was using the first real time request-response data network in the Central and Eastern Europe, build by the company

Main (and as it has been shown later) proper decision of the company management was renewing of the projects, this time using UNIX OS with the db system Informix. By that ČSAD SVT become one of the most experienced companies in usage of those systems, which was used for the expansive business strategy – even development of non-transport applications.

On December 31st, 1990 the state company ČSAD KNV Praha n.p. ends its existence and therefore Závod výpočetní techniky ČSAD KNV Praha became independent state company renamed as ČSAD Služby výpočetní techniky Praha. A group of employees made a successful project for privatization of the company and so since July 1st, 1994 until now exists ČSAD SVT Praha, společnost s ručením omezeným.

Long-term we provide business and technical counseling, mainly in the field of transport.

In the field of non-transport services the biggest achievement was winning the tender for creating a complex system for processing of the criminal files for the Criminal records bureau of Czech Republic. Another government customer was Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, for which we created asset management application. We created tax processing application (ADIS) for the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, Tax offices and Directorates.

Due to our experience in the field of reservation systems, we have developed a booking and selling system for Bohemia Ticket Praha.

We took a part on many cultural and sport events. One of most important was „Cup of the Minister of Transport“ in volleyball, its 25th Annual was in September 2018.

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