Multi-Channel Ticket Sale (MCTS) for the regular coach transport.

It guarantees complex services for the customers and the carriers. It allows searching, purchasing and next also the management of already purchased tickets. Information about the options and the sale itself are provided not only by its own database, but also via interconnections with other selling systems (for example: České dráhy, FlixBus, RegioJet, Leo Express, Arriva Vlaky, …). At the same time tickets from our database are provided via API in other distribution channels (e.g.: Omio, BusRadar, Busfor, Infobus, …).

In the frame of MCTS our company operates/supports two main products:

IDOS – we provide service and support of the ticket sale for the E-shop of the multimodal journey planner (the web version, mobile version and the native applications). One search engine, one registration, many different options to buy a ticket. This is the multimodal journey planner IDOS.

AMSBus – we operate and provide support especially for the partner retailer´s stone shops and the for our own E-shop AMSBus is a sale system for international and domestic long haul bus lines. Tickets for the entire major carrier can be bought on the internet or in any of the 250 ticket offices in Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. The carriers can check on-line the ticket´s sales lists for the vehicles operated by them in the dispatcher´s system interface, which has also a native application Plánky AMS (designed to help the drivers with the passengers check-in). Naturally, the statistics and the invoices for the carriers and the partner retailers are accessible for them via secured web service.

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Upper listed contacts may not be used for providing neither of timetable information, nor for ticket´s sales, or ticket refunds.


CARDS EXCHANGE – we provide operation and maintenance of the clearing system, whose clearing house coordinates financial settlement of mutual claims of the carriers, arising from the application of smart cards at other entities (carriers) than at the card issuer. Passengers owning a carrier's smart card may use their cards at all carriers involved in the clearing system.

Allows the settlement of the claims between the carriers, which arises by the usage of the smart cards of the carriers involved in the system. The holder of the smart card with a credit bought from the carrier A applies the card for services from the carrier B. Thereby arises a claim from the carrier B to the carrier A. This is the moment, when our clearing system processes the data so, to ensure a proper settlement of the claims between the carriers. Our clearing system creates for the carriers of the clearing group exact and clear overview reports of their mutual claims to each other, according to the services provided to the passengers, which are customers of the given clearing group. CARDS EXCHANGE provides to the passengers higher level of freedom with more opportunities to use all the smart card benefits.

  • A tool, which helps to define how big, should be the money transfers between the subjects, to ensure the proper payments for the provided operations based on the smart cards issued by other carriers
  • A tool, which helps to define the amounts of claims to be payed, to settle up the recharging of the own smart cards by other carriers
  • A tool, which creates and operates the global list of the smart cards
  • A tool, which defines the global list of allowed devices
  • A tool, which is watching over, if there are some operations (recharging, …) ongoing onto the smart cards, which are unknown for the system. If any such operations occur, they are illegal therefore they are forbidden
  • A tool, which is watching over, if all the needed data to be processed are provided by the subjects
  • A tool, which processed needed documents for the state authorities (E.g. needed for the state donations of the operated lines)
  • A data sharing tool about the smart card registrations and their users (registrations data are not transferred from one subject to another one)
  • An insurance company – the emitter of the smart card covers all the transactions made, even when security breach occurs and the transactions are not covered by deposits of the customer
  • An on-line processing tool – only a part of the changes are recorded on-line, most of the changes are batch processed

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Is a specialized internet portal, which provides information to the passengers, to the carriers and to everyone, which is interested about the busses, the bus transport and all about it. Except the main rubrics (News, Time tables, Busses, For the passengers …), the readers can use many useful links.

BUSportál is a specialized internet portal, which provides information to everyone, which is interested about the busses, the bus transport and all about it. Except the main rubrics: News, Technics and For the passengers the readers can use a number of useful links.

Partners of the BUSportál are vehicle producers, companies providing repair services and professional webs and magazines. We are cooperating with ČESMAD BOHEMIA group, ADSSF, ADSSS, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Regional Development, Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic, the regions of the Czech Republic, Public Transport Authorities and with foreign professional institutions as BUSWORLD and with many others.

BUSportál is a professional medium with a high traffic of visitors, both from professionals and the public. In the secured unpublished parts of the portal are saved the documents of the carrier´s associations, which permanently visit and contribute to the web. Therefore BUSportál is the perfect opportunity for a targeted advertisement to both of those groups. Publishing articles on our internet portal is free of charge and is very welcome. Commercial articles are charged. There is also an option to use our commercial banners to promote your products and services. On request the detail information about the prizes will be given by the editorial staff.

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Sales and information kiosks

This product evolved thru significant changes during the time – at the beginning the kiosks served just as information device using an off-line database, till today – the third generation sale and information kiosks, which use an on-line access to the database and allow the tickets sale.

Another group of products of our company is development of SW for the sales and information kiosks. There exist a few different models:

Classic off-line information kiosk

A classic one (providing only the transport information service, using an off-line database) – this kiosk model is the first generation. There is a modification for blind and visually impaired users. There is a search engine, which uses the data from automatically updated off-line version of IDOS/CP. Application software uses transport information from a gained from any combination of six of the timetable groups:

  • bus lines timetables in Czech Republic
  • bus lines timetables in Slovak Republic
  • railways timetables in Czech Republic
  • railways timetables in Europe
  • railways timetables for the trains integrated to the city transport of Prague
  • timetables of the municipality transport of mass transport
  • flight schedules of the Prague Airport
  • flight schedules of ČSA
Next generation information kiosk

This generation was developed especially for the City Transport Company of Prague. The difference between this and the previous generation is, that in this generation the requests of the users are redirected on-line to IDOS/CP. The users receive not only the timetable information, but also the price calculation. This kind of kiosk is placed E.g. at the Prague Airport (Letiště Václava Havla v Praze).

Sales and information kiosk

This one was developed especially for ROPID. Provides an on-line connection search in IDOS/CP (price information is included) and then allows the sale (payment by card or cash).

Contacts for business partners:

For business affairs and for the technical support:

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